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Providing Everything You Need

I can be hired for various interior services and I can enter a project at any time, whether this is from the very beginning or for the finishing touches. All services are fully customizable to your wishes, so I can come by for a one-time consultation or make an extensive interior plan with 3D drawings and furniture / lighting plan. ​

The services are available in Dutch, English and Spanish.

Studio Rove interior design


With interior styling I will come to visit you to get to know you and your house, together we discuss the wishes and possibilities for your house/space.

We also discuss the plan of approach together. With interior styling I adapt my approach completely to the wishes of the customer, for example, one customer likes to collaborate and the other customer prefers to leave it up to me.


For interior styling I make moodboards and furniture and lighting plans for the specific spaces. Do you have trouble imagining what the space will look like? Or would you like to see a preview before making any purchases? That's no problem, I can make detailed realistic 3D drawings to show you exactly what the room will look like.

Studio Rove online advice


Are you interested in interior advice but do you live outside the region or do you want help furnishing a house abroad? Then online advice is perfect for you.


With online advice we start with a video call, in which you can take me through your house and together we discuss the functions of the rooms and your wishes.


After the conversation I will make an interior plan completely focused on your wishes.



Are you a business owner and in need of a branding plan?

I can help you with that. A business' branding can tell

everything about the company: their style, demographic and

what they stand for.

A branding plan consists of:

- Logo

- Business cards

- Signature look

- Color palette

- Merchandise

Every business is different so like any other service I offer I customize it to the clients needs and wishes.


Studio Rove personal shopper


Do you have trouble making choices while shopping for new furniture or accessories? I can be hired as a personal shopper in a store of your choice.


We can go to the store together, we'll look at photos of your house while shopping and discuss your wishes. You can also send me to the store alone, in which case we will discuss everything about the current and desired interior in advance.


After my visit to the store, I will send a selection of furniture that I have chosen as a result of our conversation.

Studio Rove color advice


Time for a new color on the wall but no idea which one to choose? I can help you with that.


It is important to choose the right color for your space because color ties everything together, color also affects the functionality and mood of a room in a psychological way. I can help you find the right color that optimizes the function of your space. During a color advice I come to your house with color samples, together we discuss the function of the room,


I look at the light and take into account the existing furniture, based on these points I give advice about the right color and I also explain why it is suitable for your space.

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